Tile Roofing – A Top Eco-Friendly Option!

Energy costs are skyrocketing these days, so finding new ways to save money is more important than ever.

One way that homeowners can do that is with tile roofing, as it is an incredibly eco-friendly material.

A tile roof installation done by professional tile roofing services will not only last much longer than the typical asphalt shingle installation, but it can help homeowners save money on their power bills, too.

Today, tile roofers are busier than ever installing these beautiful, and very cost-effective systems. 

Tile Roofs Are Thermal-Resistant

The first and most significant way that tile roofs installed by tile roof contractors are so economically friendly is that natural tile roofing is thermal resistant.

Clay and concrete tiles specifically have a higher R-value among roofing materials due to their ability to prevent the transfer of heat into a dwelling.

These tiles have a high thermal mass, meaning they can slowly absorb much more heat energy before releasing it into the airspace beneath them. 

Tile Roofs Resist Heat Transfer Up to 70%

Installed on a home by professional tile roofing services, thermal-resistant tiles will slowly absorb heat throughout the day, then release it into the atmosphere again once temperatures lower at night, all before reaching the point of releasing that energy into the home.

Through this thermal reaction, clay, cement, and concrete tiles can reduce the amount of heat passing through the roof deck by as much as 70%.

Tile roof contractors advise that when combined with a well-insulated attic, the less heat that gets passed through the decking and into the attic space, the less energy is required to keep the home cool. 

Tile Roofs Are Made of Natural Materials

The second important way that clay, cement, and concrete tiles are environmentally friendly is that they are all made of raw natural materials such as natural clay, sand, and minerals which are non-depletable.

They are even more sustainable than wood shingles sourced from sustainable forests.

Additionally, natural tiles installed by tile roofers are 100% recyclable and environmentally safe as they can either be recycled in some way or safely disposed of without harming the environment. 

Consider Installing a New Tile Roof!

Homeowners looking for an eco-friendlier roofing solution have a number of systems to choose from.

Of them all, tile roofs installed by tile roof contractors can be some of the most beautiful and energy-efficient ones that also do no harm to the earth upon removal.

Before investing in costly and unsightly solar panels or settling for environmentally damaging asphalt shingles, call a tile roofer to discuss the many benefits of long-lasting, thermal-resistant, eco-friendly tiles!