Recycled Roofing Shingles – A Sustainable Option to Asphalt!

Sustainability is becoming a big topic today, especially concerning roofing and other industries and materials that traditionally create high amounts of waste.

One solution to this problem has been the creation of more sustainable products for shingle roofing contractors to install instead of the customary asphalt shingles.

Asphalt materials, while being widely popular for shingle roof replacement, also fill up landfills after removal and are less sustainable to produce in general.

Fortunately, shingle roofing companies now have other options in the form of shingles made of recycled materials. 

Can Shingles Be Made To Be Sustainable?

Shingles remain the most selected type of roofing material due to their easy installation and their relatively long lifespan for the cost paid for them.

Considering this, a number of roofing materials manufacturers have now developed more sustainable shingle roof replacement products by recycling rubber and plastic.

Available to most shingle roofing contractors, these shingles are also 100% recyclable as well, greatly reducing the amount of landfill waste they produce.

In using waste material to produce them, then allowing them to be re-recycled later on, these shingle roofing companies are doing their part to join the green roofing movement in an affordable way. 

Recycled Shingle Products Can Look Like Other Materials

The best part about recycled rubber and plastic shingle products is that they are designed to look like other desirable materials while providing similar benefits.

Recycled shingles made to look like slate and wood are popular alternatives to the real thing, offering a long-lived shingle roof replacement without the high cost of wood or the extreme weight of slate.

Additionally, shingle roof contractors find these durable, impact-resistant materials to be a great choice in areas where hail storms are common or for homeowners wishing to purchase attractive shingles that do not damage the environment through their production or disposal.

They are so advanced and well-designed at this point, shingle roofing companies can even use them on historic buildings. 

Such A Benefit With Recycled Shingle Material

As recycled roofing materials like rubber and plastic shingles become more popular, shingle roofing contractors recommend them as an environmentally-friendly alternative to asphalt, wood, and other options.

Shingle roof replacements made from recycled materials, which are also re-recyclable, can slowly reduce the amount of roofing waste that ends up in landfills.

Considering that two-thirds of all roofs in the U.S. are asphalt shingles and account for ten million tons of tear-off waste in landfills each year, these durable, long-lasting, recycled materials are kinder to the environment and, over time, to the wallet, too!